Flow Rate Calculator

First want to thank Ed French from polygno.com for letting me borrow from his site.

Flow rate calculator
Flow Rate Calculator- Introduction

I searched all over and could not find easily accessible calculators for actual volumetric flow besides what is built into Super and Prusa slicer.

The problem with this is you have to try and work backwards and or everyone tends to just use linear speeds which are not apples to apples across diff printers and even slicers due to line width

I have managed to hit 20mm3 witha mosquito standard and i have gone higher with a standard dragon using tpu which melts easily3/s. A volcano-type claims 20-30(mm) which ii beleive is mainly from the nozzle and i do not feel a magnum and standard mosquito or dragon has much diff which is why i did my tests ont eh standard ones.3/s I am hoping this will help to get a larger data set where we can actually find real answers to what dif hotends and nozzle flow or at the least help you figure out what you need to buy for your needs

Standard line width is usually at least 1.2 nozzle width and this is ideal because of the die swell and other factors. So try and avoid extruding at nozzle width.

Flow rate calculator
Layer thickness (mm)
Extrusion width (mm)
Linear speed (mm/s)
Polymer volume flow (mm)3/s ...
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