Troodon Upgrade Kit Pre-order


Troodon rail upgrade kit preorder

Available on backorder


I will be getting another batch of kits made and once all the current preorders are filled I will list the stock of the extras I ordered.

contents of kit

Stl files for anyone that wants

Includes the following:

  • New carriage that can support second hotend for dual extrusion. It is lighter with native mosquito and dragon mounts.
  • Y to X brackets that convert to a mgn12h rail and support the shoulder bolts properly.
  • 4 full length motor mounts that use idlers instead of bearings stacked on each other. Converts to Voron 2.4 style path with direct drive. Removes 4 shafts and 6 pulleys from rotational mass when installed with the rest of kit.
  • New precision high strength shoulder bolts, 140kpsi vs 70k for precision and not rated for standard.
  • 6 Smooth idlers required for motor mounts.
  • .3mm bearing shims.
  • Cable chain for X-axis.
  • CF filled cable chain and endstop mounts.
  • Belt clips.
  • Double tnut plates.
  • Dowels for rear direct drive mounts.
  • Optical endstop.

Be sure to order the following parts if you need them, as they are not included:

MGN12H Rail

DRagon or mosquito hotend or any that uses same bolt pattern as either.

Recommended, especially for Dual Extrusion:

Huvud 3D Printer Tool Board

A print with beta gantry install so not even including the improved rear mounts and a 400mms cube looks better than stock did at 150.


Additional information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 50 × 10 × 10 in

Troodon 300, Troodon 400


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